Terrorism is a joke…

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… especially as a justification for signing off laws cutting down civil liberties.

The true origin of terrorism is not some religious belief – although often the executing pawns are staffed with individuals, who fell victim to such beliefs – but government-funded violence against its own or a foreign civil population. If directed against the own population, it is meant to urge them to “beg” the government for “stronger” laws. When the violence is targeting a foreign population, the motivation is usually to overthrow the government of that country in the long run by creating a civil-war like situation, which is a preparation step for a following coup… which in turn is commonly motivated by corporate interests pulling the strings within the ranks of governments.

There is no terror-threat, like it is presented in main stream media… not here (Germany), not in France, not in the USA… or elsewhere. The likelihood of me being killed in a terror-attack is next to 0%. As a motorcycle-rider, it is more probably I die in a traffic-accident, than by gun-shots, car-bombs or someone beheading me with a blade. Hot spots on this planet, where shit is hitting the fan on a daily basis (Gaza, Yemen, Syria… ), are mostly areas with some divide-and-conquer scheme currently in action. People living there have all the right to complain and/or flee these places (although should the people there not be able to live in peace… on their own home turf?!). While attacks in Europe certainly had devastating effects on the people directly affected by these crimes, we (the European population) should shut the fuck up about feeling threatened. Here we are more likely to die of a heart-attack, stupid house-hold accident, being run over by a car or breaking our neck while stumbling out of the slippery shower.

Differentiate and challenge

While thinking and talking about such issues, I always make a clear distinction between a countrys government and its population. Everyday people from Russia, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Australia, China, Ivory Coast, USA, Brazil , Iran, Canada, Japan… etc (you get the point) just want to go about their lives and don’t plan to bomb the crap out of their neighbors. It is the news on TV and in the papers usually instructing them who they need to hate today… sadly the majority does not challenge such statements ever.

Think about a recent news-article you read, which had people from another country as a subject. How where they portrayed? Positive or negative… or neutral? Did you agree with that article? Did you ever met somebody from that country in person for more than ten minutes? Have you had solid conversation with them going beyond small-talk? Have you even visited that country before? Do you know what that country looked like five/ten/twenty/forty years ago?

Real provocateur

The one true global troublemaker par excellence is the US-government, its military-apparatus and NATO, which is really just an extension of the US-military. Just look at the history of recorded and verified coups undertaken by the CIA since the end of the second world-war (these are just the ones I remember reading about… there are far more… sadly):

Just take any one of these operations an imagine for a moment a government from France, Germany, China, Brazil etc. was the perpetrator… the international outcry and consequences would be immense and long lasting. Headlines in the newspapers would read like “How dare they interfere with domestic affairs of a foreign country?!”. But it is the USA, the current and only empire (world-currency US$, strongest military with annual budget of >US$ 650 billion, 700+ military bases outside its own borders across the globe) on the planet, thus “it is no big deal”, because really nobody dares to oppose it… which still does not make any of these deeds legitimate.

Let’s not forget the US-government was the first and only one to have used nuclear weapons against civil population twice. When I look at the “track record” of military actions of the USA, I sometimes cannot help to wonder, if they try to beat the atrocities of Nazi-Germany.

What have these interventions brought to the table for the people of said countries? Did they gain freedom, prosperity or peace? Hardly! Nothing but suffering! If wars would actually solve any conflict, there would be no more wars by now.

Social experiment

Here’s an interesting experiment you should do with family-members, friends,¬†acquaintances and neighbors. Ask them to think of an object, animal or person the moment you give them a key term. For example…

  • You say “banana”, and they should immediately visualize the fruit of a banana in their mind.
  • Then you say “car”, and they should have an image of some car in their head.
  • Follow up with saying “nurse”, and they will most likely be in the domain of hospitals with their thoughts.
  • Finally you say “terrorist” and they will have some image of such a person before their mental eye.

At that very moment, tell them to just hold that current image in their head without describing it, and ask these simple yes/no-questions…

  • “Does the person in your mind look like an Irishman from the IRA?”
  • “Or does the person look like a German from the RAF?”
  • “Or does the person perhaps look like somebody from the middle east with a beard and turban from Deash?”

I guarantee you, they will say they are envisioning a bearded male with a turban from the middle east. You have just proven how prone we are to the conditioning by the media “telling” us who the latest bogeyman is. Sure, there were Irishman in the IRA and Germans in the RAF, but do you think all Irishman or all Germans are terrorists? I assume not. Guess what… the same applies to people from the middle east. The middle east is a huge area with many people living there. I guarantee you 99,99999% of them are just normals folks like you and me wanting to go about their lives in peace.

Final thoughts

I hate how the world is becoming more and more like Orwell’s “1984” and the movie “Idiocracy”! Why does the human species not have something like the swarm-intelligence of ants? Finally I wonder when the first comments will fly in, branding me as an “agent of Putin”, which seems to be the latest trend these days on the web, once you publicly criticize US-imperialism in any way.