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Cubical marching squares

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A brief update on one particular thing cooking in my laboratory at the moment… I’m taking a break from offline 3D-graphics (my path-tracer BeamRacer) to implement my own version of cubical marching squares (aka: CMS) for a stand-alone visualization library, which has to be named still. The versions of marching-somethings I’ve seen outside of academic-paper implementations – in commercial applications in particular – are not very pleasant to look at. Only the games-industry manages to produce clean and elegant visuals, but lacks data-visualization details and precision on the other hand…read more



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… yes that venerable old desktop-toy from years ago, has finally found a new permanent repository-home again… after enough people poked me about it. I also updated the related project-page on launchpad. In the early days it used to live on (or something like that). Thanks to the wonders of git the whole commit-history is still intact. Looking at that code-base makes me want to redo it all… or update the build-system (CMake or Meson) and move to gtk+ 3.x at least. But maybe someone beats me to it…read more