Revision 2024

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This time I managed to get to Revision 2024 in Saarbrücken, Germany again. Phew… what a behemoth of an event… as usual! Three and a half days of demoscene extravaganza!

My personal highlights were ‘Fragments of Self’ by xy (4k executable graphics) and ‘Empires’ by Conspiracy (64 kBytes PC demo). The other submissions in all the different categories were also very impressive, but these aforementioned entries stood out in my view.

Unusual and pleasantly surprising where the number of native Linux entries this year. While I was the only one at Revision 2019 with my native Linux entry ‘Mind your head’, in the 4k demo category of all things, this time around there were about five or six spread across various categories.

Another nice surprise was the new format for the shader-showdown (3 contestants at the same time, instead of 2) and an updated Bonzomatic, which now features multi-pass rendering (aka poor-man’s compute shader). As far as I can tell wrighter and evvvvil made use of that new feature in their shaders during the showdown. See wrighter’s patch on github for Bonzomatic. This compiles and runs out-of-the-box under Linux too.

Music-wise the two DJ sets by h0ffman & teo and dojoe & wayfinder were exhilarating! Their performances could easily carry and evening at a rave-club… if such thing would still exist *sigh* 🙂

There is a little something I managed to work on while at revision, but it’s nothing major…

I hope to get something done, which I can submit for evoke 2024 in about five months. Maybe in the 8 kBytes or 64 kBytes category. To stay nimble I need to force myself to actually do demos more frequently. It is a very liberating experience… and one comes out at the other end having learnt something 🙂

For evoke it needs to be a bit more… and I need to get my own software synth in proper shape. By now I learnt to play the piano an guitar a bit, thus have some music-theory background, so there is no excuse to skip on the audio-part of my demo. I lacked that 2019 when I did my first entry ever at Revision 2019.

So maybe see you at evoke in a few months!