Zoom baby, zoom!

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Zoom baby, zoom!

When doing shader-programming a “Hello, world!”-equivalent I always considered to be an implementation of a zoom into a mandelbrot-set. And so I did… and for “just because I can”-reasons, I also wrote a GLSL-environment very much like the WebGL-based ShaderToy.com, so I can also have these as local and native shader-hacks on my desktop. Getting the browser out of the equation saves about 15% of system-load.

Here is the example as WebGL-version on ShaderToy and you’ll be able to get the same on your desktop as a native application too (see further below):

I also created the project ToyShader on launchpad.net, which is a desktop-GL version of ShaderToy.com or at least very similar to it. You can grab the code and further information here: