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I am done with Graham Hutton’s book “Programming in Haskell” and do not plan to let my mind rest. One of the intrinsic benefits of Haskell, is its natural fitness for parallelism and concurrency. This combined with my interest in fast code and the desire to get what I paid for from my CPU’s cores (“Light up all the transistors, man!” 😀) quickly drew me to grab Simon Marlow’s book on said topic. Enter…


more brain-food: “Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell”

This kind of material is probably a bit early for somebody like me, who is still very new to the language of Haskell, but my curiosity always wins in such cases. Marlow’s book is structured in a similar way to Hutton’s book in terms of hands-on experience and exercises accompanying each chapter.

A very pleasant observation on the side, is the naturalness with which Simon Marlow talks about Linux – and Ubuntu in particular – as the platform of choice to follow all examples and exercises in the book.

Somehow I see a path-tracer implementation in Haskell in my near future 😉