Baby-Steps with CMS

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I’ve managed to finish the classification of all surface-intersections in my Cubical Marching Squares-implementation (aka CMS). As a small show-off, I have added support of displaying multiple iso-surfaces at the same time with different colors…

Finally I’ve also started to test some CT- and MRI-volume-data-sets with my CMS. But that’s not fully working yet or rather not up to the visual quality I’m targeting. In the long run, I’ll add a dedicated ray-caster rendering-mode, which is the preferred method for visualizing that kind of volume data anyway.

This is so much fun, to bad I’ve to eat and sleep in between 🙂

Additionally I’ve bumped up the data-set to 256³ thus mimicking an almost solid surface…

But actual tessellation and adaptive step-size selection are still to be implemented.