I’m really afraid and terrified…

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… by the developments around the crisis of Crimea and what Europe is currently tumbling towards! It feels like the Cuban crisis from 1962, as far as I can tell from having read about it in history-books. Thankfully back then it didn’t end in a catastrophe. Years later I was born. That’s something I could not influence. But now that I’m here, I’d like to keep it that way for several more decades. You can be sure I’ll do what I can to influence that!

Besides me there are many people – around the globe – I know and regard as family, relatives, close friends, acquaintances… and there are probably many more I don’t yet know about with whom I want to meet/hang out with/chat/drink/party/laugh/cry/live/work. But the current German government is doing things that severely┬ájeopardize my planning with their decision making regarding this delicate Crimea crisis. I don’t like it when someone hampers with my life like this!

To put it bluntly, I’m very pissed at the incompetent, distracting, spineless and war-inducing behaviour chancellor Merkel (and party) and our mainstream news-media are demonstrating over and over again these days! You pushed my wrong buttons too many times!