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Talk about kmscon at FOSDEM 2024

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This upcoming Sunday, 4th of February 2024, I will be talking about my patches to kmscon at FOSDEM 2024. The slot for the talk is allocated in the graphics dev-room between 15:05 – 15:30. Here is the direct link to it: “Scratching an itch… by patching kmscon” or “How OpenGL can lead to systems-programming”. If you attend FOSDEM 2024 this weekend and are curious about all the shenanigans I did (or plan to do) to kmscon, be sure to stick around the graphics dev-room.


Adding mouse- and selection-support to kmscon

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Pile up of itches to scratch The output-rotation is now working as I initially intended, and there is also gyro/accelerometer support in the pipe. But using my version of kmscon daily now, I quickly ran into the issue of missing cut&paste functionality, which one usually gets via gpm, when using the old-school text-console VTs under Linux. “How hard can it be? Can’t be that much work ;)” whizzes by my mind. I have dealt with nastier things in the past without prior knowledge or preparation. Occasionally I am a magnificent…read more